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. montgomery were in lov and two in baltimore city. another in montgomery county and in baltimore county. the next day, two more deaths in baltimore city and county. july 7, a man dies in harford county in july 8, to more people die, one in baltimore city and the only woman to die of the heat related death in another county. all but two were 65 or older. >> many of the cases we have reported, most of the cases thus far have had underlying disease. heart disease, other kinds of diseases. and we know those are risk factors that can be complicated by the extreme heat. >> this most recent heat wave was dangerous because of the cumulative effect of having extreme temperatures day after day. >> people living at home, their interior temperatures in the evening may not have gone down significantly. there today they have cumulative flow loss and that becomes a problem for people. >> five more heat related deaths have been reported today, bringing the toll to 18. they were in st. mary's county, baltimore city, and baltimore county. as the week goes on i am told that as the medical examiner looks a
day, two more deaths. july 7, a man dies in harford county. one in baltimore city and another -- the only woman in cockrell county. all were 65 or older. >> most of the cases have had underlying disease. heart disease, other kinds of diseases. we know those are risk factors that can be complicated by the extreme heat. >> the most recent heat wave was dangerous because of the extreme temperatures day after day. >> people living at home, their interior temperatures may not have gone down significantly in the evening so they continue to be in the extreme heat even in the nighttime. they have flow of loss and that becomes a problem. quex 18 people as of july to have died. the latest reports that came out says five more people are confirmed with heat related deaths and that occurred in said one incounty, two in -- baltimore county. the examiner may find more heat related deaths. the extreme temperatures may be over but the death toll may not be. tom tasselmyer. >> a lot more good news as far as temperatures go. we're selling back to normal or even below in some locations. you have
to the other source and baltimore city right out towards white marsh seeing good downpours of rain. rainfall rates from a half to 3/4 of an inch and we will go up towards the north running along 95 past the maryland house seeing good downpours of rain this morning. just be aware, we have pounding of water. 73 in town. easton at 75. you noticed everything running from west to east this morning and that will be pushing off towards our south. through the course of this morning. it's going to be muggy at 77 around the 8:00 hour a mild day today. not hot. 87 degrees around the 4:00 hour and dropping back down to 80 around 8. we will talk about the forecast in less than 10. lauren cook has a check on what do you do traffic? >> traffic. >> hi. >> your weather and i am traffic except for last week we are dealing with problems in howard county a traffic light is going to be out at the intersection of route 108 right at columbia road. and big problems on 95. we are dealing with an accident up in harford county alodge the southbound lanes at the -- along the southbound lanes. another accident southboun
. let's swing it around the area and again it's steady heavy rains around baltimore city. you go out towards the beltways and 70. columbia seeing pretty good down pours and out towards essex from 695 towards essex and the chesapeake is seeing good downpours of rain and north of town right around westminster still seeing some of the lightning bolts coming down and that's going to move towards the south and east. we have a flash flood warning in parts of frederick county and we will show you cooler temperatures coming up in a little bit guys.>> this week we will finally get some sort of reprieve from thestifling temperatures we have been experiencing. they blanketed much of the country and here in maryland it's been especially bad. this weekend temperatures in our area reached triple digits. making it uncomfortable anddownright dangerous. sherrie johnson joins with us more on what people are doing and those who fell victim to the heat. >> reporter: yes, finally a break from the heat we have learned so far in maryland, 13 people have died because of the extreme heat. that's according to
radar and confirm the rain that has been falling from baltimore city all the way down towards dundalk. seeing steady heavy rain. 695 towards white marsh a good downpour rain. a 73 degree reading right now in the city limits. 76 down towards dc. and look at york at 73 degrees. so we are starting to see cooler temperatures coming in. the dew point values that measures the amount of moisture coming down considerably in york. now down to 61. so we will talk lower humidity and going for 87 later today. another check on the forecast coming up in less than 10. lauren cook has a check on traffic. how we doing. >> reporter: well, we are dealing with several accidents across the region. trouble out in frederick where an accident is blocking two eastbound lanes of interstate 70. that's at woodbine road. you can stick with route 1 # 4 as an alternate. more problems in howard county where the traffic lights are out. there's an accident in baltimore city in canton on highland avenue at eastern avenue and heading out to 95, here's what it looks like in white marsh. everything up to speed at route 43
are in baltimore city and baltimore county. >> finally relief from the heat after more than a week of sweltering temperatures that killed at least 13 people in maryland and more than 45 nationwide. it buckled train tracks and roads, softened pavement. there could be more deaths as final numbers are tallied and official reports come in from the medical examiner. more than 700,000 people were left without power last week. more storms over night knocked out power again to hundreds of bge just finished restoration efforts. the utility will file a report which regulates within three weeks about their response. they will hold hearings on whether it was appropriate. many won't forget the hot temperatures. >> i'm glad there's air-conditioning. >> a lot of people are sick of it and want it over. >> it is for now. >> reporter: there's continuing construction work underway on u.s. 50 in prince georgia's county. that's where the road buckled. a 50 by 40 feet stretch. we will continue to keep an eye on the power numbers and also on the death toll from the heat wave. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewit
in baltimore city closed their doors for good. what it could mean for you as a response time and which companies are staying open a few months more. >> and it may be hot but if you plan to spruce up your lawn we have tips on what to do to mack it look the best on the block. monday morning, thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. hot temperatures out there and lightning overnight. another band of severe weather moving across parts of virginia. and pennsylvania and scattered throughout maryland. behind it could cooler temperatures be in the future? let's check in with meteor will gist mike masco in for lynette what is in store. >> we are hoping cooler temperatures come in. it's going to be lower humidity today. but still some storms popping across the area. look at the houston shoreline getting rocked with storms. ocean city towards dover much of the attered showers and stea showers especially a-- and lightning coming down and that's going to cross along 70s. there could be a localized flash flooding. we have local area roadways in central franklin county or f
in baltimore city among heavy strike outny with residents and fire -- scrutiny of residents and firefighters, truck 10 has been given an extension until october when it will show down, but residents say safety really is their main concern. >> they saved my life. i passed out here near the woods and they came me, and brought an ambulance to me and came and saved my life. >> i would )a÷say bthe !k÷7gov would need to look somewhere else to cut the budget than to mess with the fire department. >>> tom blast within the fire department says the city's fire response time is still quicker than the national average. they claim these changes won't slow down the response time. >>> the people behind the st. patrick's day beating pleaded guilty today. aaron parsons the suspect who in the studio was sentenced to three years in prison, a judge sentenced two of the suspects davis and deangelo carter to time served and probation. and baldwin, the fourth person in the video had already been in trouble for another crime and faces three years in jail. >>> top officials at johns hop kins i don't want say the
. >> new this morning, a baltimore city firefighter is injured. crews got a call about a fire. there were battling that plays from a roof when we were told that when the firefighters went through the roof, all the way down to the basement. one of the companies called to put that out was a company that is just hours away from shutting down, a victim of city budget cuts. >> kim is live in our newsroom to explain. it was supposed to take affect june 30. the one on montfort is scheduled to close today. and the third company is scheduled to close on the first. the issue of closing these companies was hotly debated. the plan ends of the daily rotating closures that have been in effect for three years. it could be dangerous for residents. it will not have an impact on response time. >> you have to identify where in the city weekend cover to quit rotating closures. >> we need to have every resource available to us to protect them. we take an oath to protect the citizens of baltimore. it is getting tougher and tougher and tougher. >> of course, the city council did pass a budget that will shut dow
as the medical examiner completes more autopsies. seven of those who died live in baltimore city, three in baltimore county, and most of them were elderly men. >> reporter: the heat wave is history. fueling storms that left hundreds of thousands without power. and killing a stunning 18 people in maryland. >> the humidity is up. but the temperature is down. >> reporter: way down. but before the record heat left, it buckled pavement, including part of u.s. 50. and buckled train tracks. it even left this u.s. airways jet stuck, sunk into soft pavement. >> pure hell. really. it has been awful. >> reporter: tell me about today. >> it's heaven. i love it. i love it. >> we can walk up to the snowball stand today. >> i turned off my air conditioner. save on that electric bill. >> reporter: but with the cool front came storms that knocked out another 15,000 bge customers. >> i heard that big bang. transformer blew. wire fell down. >> reporter: the utility restored most of them. bge has three weeks to issue a full report to the public service commission on the main outages last week. that commiss
. most of the outages were in baltimore city and baltimore county. >> reporter: finally, relief from the heat, after more than a week of sweltering temperatures that killed at least 13 people in maryland and more than 45 nationwide. it buckled train tracks and roads. even softened pavement enough to get this jet stuck. >> does she wear glasses or contacts? >> and there could be more deaths, as final numbers are tallied and official reports are coming in from the medical examiner. the hot air fueled storms that left more than 7,000 people without power last week. and more storms last night, knocked out power again to hundreds after bge just finished restoration efforts. the utility will file a report with the public service commission, which regulates it, within three weeks about their response. and the psc will hold hearings over whether it was appropriate. many won't soon forget those stifling temperatures. >> i'm really glad that there's air conditioning. >> a lot of people are sick of it. >> it is for now. but summer is only just beginning. >> reporter: construction work continues
on traffic pulse 11. >> new this morning, baltimore city firefighters injured while battling a blaze. a fire crews arrived on the scene. there were battling the blaze when the ceiling collapsed, sending one firefighter through the roof. there is no word on his condition. one of those companies call to put out that fire was struck co. 15. a victim of city budget cuts. >> good morning. >> closures were supposed to take in fact june 30. there were extended until today because of the heat wave. that one on montfort avenue is expected to close today. the company is set to close october 1. the issue of closing these companies was hotly debated among city council. the plan ends the daily rotating closures. the union members argue that shutting companies down permanently would be dangerous for residents and firefighters. it is simply a reallocation of resources and not have a negative impact on response time. >> we have to identify where in the city can cover it. we have to identify a company and stick it out of the system. >> we need to have every resource available to us to protect them. we take a
- thousand people waking up baltimore city and county. joel d. smith is live in towson where they're waking p pn the dark again as the next round of storms come in. good morning joel d. 3& patrice, right now, thereeare a handful of newwoutagee to report: bge now says 2 hundred customers aar withoutt power... mostly in the towwon area... that's rough,, bbt nothing compared to the 3/4 of a million knockkd out a week and a half ago, including hhre on cedarcroft road. itttook workers frrm all over the country, and canada, working around the clock in done. the last custooer restored yesterdayyafternoon. the storm was historic in it's mmhem... trees fell on power linns, aad homes on this road. some of the folks we talked with headed to hotels for days, wwile their homes basically boiled. others tried to stick it out, sleeping in the basement....., but quuckly learned it's not just humans having a tough time with 80 or 90 degrees iidoors. 5122 we have two large dogs inside, 70 pounds each. they &pcouldn't get cool for a whole week. they panted 24-7, ha ah aha aha ..
...the city is issuing waterconservation advisory. (foxx) "tt reduce the stress on the system as a whole, we want the citizens to conserve water.similar advisories are eingissuud for baltimore well as northern anne arundel counny... and parts of howaad county. (foxx))"please, do nottwash clothes or dishses or non-essential indoor cleaning until late in the evening or early morning."the ban also includes outdoor watering and and when repairs begin...some rrsidents... could experience...llw...watee pressure.(foxx) "we're talking about a few hours of interruptton as we test the service area to maae ssre we can reroute the water to the counties."(rydell) "bbt phe head of public works tells us thattif by repairing that huge water main t could result in a majorrdisruption to water service, those repairs wouud bb delayed for at least another week. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at five." the death toll in marylann from our oppressive heat wave now stands at 18. and investigators believe it may have contributed to saturday's drowning of three shore.the boys-- ages 12, 11 re- a
not suspect foul play. >> of baltimore city teenager is still missing. cameron wilkerson was last seen on edison highway on thursday. he was wearing a white shirt and shorts and black sneakers. officials tell us he has to the elemental disabilities. anyone with information is asked to call 91 immediately. the heat moves inside chambers of capitol hill today. congress is back from holiday break. lawmakers are expected to spend the rest of the month pushing partisan measures. on the agenda, a series of votes that will not spell out a compromise. we have details from capitol hill. >> members of the house are expected to start talking about a bill to repeal obamas health care law. it is one of several measures intended for political show instead of progress. congress is meeting for the first time since the end of june. first up in the house, talks to overturn a federal health care law. >> repealing it would revitalize the economy and the values on which our country was founded. >> the point is to make a point. last month congress passed a bill extending lower student loan rates and authori
311 if you're in baltimore city. >>> well, we were just over a week out from those severe storms that knocked out power to more than a half million people, finally getting around to cleanup, and then another storm last night. if you live in baltimore county the bad news is you probably have a lot of debris all over place and the county knows what you're going through and has a plan. there are dumpsters and three permanent drop off facilities, one in white marsh and one in the hail thunderstorm area. >>> the black market is going green. thieves are making big bucks steeling oil from sidewalks and it's happening right here in maryland, too. susan shows us why this business is so lucrative. >> reporter: it's 3:00 a.m., and a man emerges from the red rooster are restaurant, he wears an official vest but instead of unlocking padlocks, he snaps them off. what's he after, believe it or not, cooking oil. >> does somebody just come up and do that sort of thing. i don't know why anybody would want to mess with that nasty stuff. >> reporter: this alleged thief messed with them before. the r
city, two deaths in baltimore, montgomery county. hartford county had one heat relitted death. >> -- related death. >> got to be the worse i've seen. it's almost unpredented. >> now everyone is trying to stay cool and waiting for this heat wave to end. >> reporter: the city had been distributing bags of ice and ice water the try to keep people cool. back to you. >> bge says -- excuse me. remember that we're always on any time there's severe weather. you can go back to to see your own live look at doppler weather radar. >>> investigators are trying to determine what started a fatal house file. it broke out in the ann arundel on the bay community. firefighters say they found a woman inside the house. medics say she was pronounced dead at the scene. >>> in a recent spike in crime at georgia tech is pushing the students to want to carry weapons on to the campus. a number of students and even some parents have signed an online petition to be sent to governor deal. three students were just robbed off campus. recently a student woke up inside his dorm room with a gunpointi
, mostly in baltimore city, baltimore county and anne arundel county. >>> the storms that blew through brought an end to a series of weather records we were setting. >> first word from veronica in the storm center. >> that's right, guys, we like seeing that, and we're going to talk more about the records we set in just a couple minutes. but for right now we're at 84 degrees, reagan national airport. we're running 15 to 18 degrees cooler than yesterday. look at the dew point temperature, it sits at 60 degrees right now. we have seen that number, of course, as high as 65 to around 70 the last couple days, giving us very sticky air. if you look at the satellite and radar reviews, to the north clearing skies. to the south clouds, and even a few thunderstorms. one is headed over toward ocean city. that's a weather front market right around our area. it's bringing in drier air and definitely cooler air. raffle from today, just over a quarter inch of rain, winchester, just a half inch. culpepper and just over that about a third of an inch in baltimore. storm4 radar shows nothing more than jus
assessments and referrals into the community. we're in about 13 different baltimore city public schools, where we provide substance abuse and mental health screening, as well as provide treatment, referral, crisis intervention, and mental health supports for the school system. it get better, you know? right. get better if you work on it, try to keep yourself focused. it is very important that we find out what the individual is requesting, what they're in need of, so that we can better address both other organizations' problems, such as homelessness, hiv, substance abuse co-occurring, and, a lot of times, legal issues are also in need of. i want to thank you for letting me see this second half of your recovery up until the-you know-golden time of day. so- research to practice is using the research that's been shown to be positive for patient outcomes and applying it to practice. what's your top thing on your addictions list? uh, to keep with the meetings and not slip from them. for a practice to be evidence-based, it would include various models of care that have been tested through research to
baltimore city heavy bands of rain moving across there. a little closer in 695 along 83 heavy rain but sliding towards the east white marsh is showing heavy rain. we sit at 72 in town. 74 in dc easton at 75. and scattered showers will continue through the morning. and 87 mostly cloudy and a shower gusty thunderstorms. now over to lauren with a check on traffic. >> reporter: delays on 95 due to a crash along the northbound lanes at the harbor tunnel throughway. no problems to talk about traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel or harbor tunnel. heading out to the west side of the beltway and it's going to be crowded on the outer loop from 795 down towards route 40. and checking in and looking live at the beltway in overly at bel air road no problems to report. we will be nice and easy ride up towards 8 3. an accident on glen arm road. keep in mind at gun powder road. megan over to you. >> all right. thanks. >>> this morning there's going to be a meeting in northern virginia the topic of discussion the restoration and future of the chesapeake bay. the meeting of the bay's program ex
confirmed her identity. two fire companies in the city will close today.. due to baltimore's budget deficit.but &pone oo the companies sllted t close.. will be open a little bit longer.thii is video of truck 10 at fire on oberts street in wwst baltimore on wednesday night.the president of the ffreeighters union says occober.10 will not closeeuntil a warning tooay... for &pfamilies planning another barbecue this summer. &psummer. the centers or disease control and prevention spike in emergency room &pvisits... due to people grill brushes.the c-d-c saas injuries raage frommsmalls ut in the neckk.. to more serious conditions... such as intestinal gashes thaa require emergency surggry..o befooe you start flipping burgers... surface for stray bristles. coming up... a daredevil.. takks a big fall. fall.the three thingg that made this death- ddfying tightrope.. nearly mpossibbe to do... aad how he managed to . survivv. you're do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why
.reportiig in the studio, paul gessler, fox45 news at five. &pthere's a new plea ttconserve water throughoutthe baltimore area. that word from city public works officials...who main. thee're trying to avoidwhat happened nearlythree years ago in dundalk...when a huge water mainbreak caused seriousdamage. public works officials...have disovered anothhr attr main in southwest baltimore. that's why they're takingprecautions. (foxx) "please refrain from outside watering, car washing, powwr washing or pool topping until after sunset or during the early morning hours." houus."some resiients could experieece low waterpressure this week. repairs are eepected tobegin later this week. &pthe power may have een restored but cleaning up from &pthe big june 29th storm will &ptake months.. the biigest challenge now is fallen tress press melinda roeder live in notherst where...crews frrm private ttee services are hard at work. 3 3 it was just yesterday that bge announced that power has been restored to all those who lost it during the overnight storm &pon june 29th.unfortunatley... after last ni
companies in tte city wwll close today.. due to baltimore's budget deficit.but one of the compaaies slated to closee. will beeopen a little bit longer.this is video of truck 10 at a fireeon roberts street in west baltimore on wednnsday night.the presidenn of the firefighters union says truck 10 will not lose until october. a hollywood legend has died. dded.oscar winning actorr pver the weekend.borgnine e 95 nabbed an academy awarr for his role in the 19--5 film ""arty." the film-turned televvsion actor was oe of phe originial celebrities on squares."borggine assstill making movves and televisson appearances less than a year pefore his death. the altimooe parmers' market is givvng you for your proddce. hhw you pay mayor stephanie rawlings-bllke held a press conference sunday announcing that the baltimorr bucks incentives and debittcards can now be used to buy fresh pruits and vegetables at the city's largest farmers market. p halth officials say tte new payment options will encourage ffmilies to eat healttier. "the goal here is to increase access to healthier affordable foo
and 76. 73, baltimore and 76 in ocean city and into hagerstown. into the cooldown and you will night temperature this afternoon. >> we'll take this rain and there some thunder, too. >>> and that hot is causing major problems. the road buckled from the heat. according to the maryland state highway, the lanes were reopened for the morning commute. >> time now to check in with julie wright. >> we find our lanes are opened traveling around the cap to beltway and that is working in your favorite at this point and there is no problems to the west and to centreville. no trouble spots to report and you continue on northbound i-95 and making your way from the occoquan and 395 and that is still in the clear to hyatts town and into clarksburg and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> and thank you. >>> the cleanup efforts -- forts are underway in fredericksburg, virginia. >> melanie alnwick is live with the latest. morning, melanie. >> reporter: and there is that chance to look here and this is that ford explorer here and that windshield is broken here and looks like something bounc
temperatures will remain cloudy. warm and humid and feels better than yesterday; 73, baltimore; 76 in ocean city and this is the forecast today. plenty of crowds around and some peeks of sunshine. >> and weren't those overnight lows? >> and time to hit the roads with julie. >> and what we're finding is traffic building and that is an 18-minute commute and that is some congestion forming here and to that eastbound six below 50 and 123 and with that southbound 270 and that is to some scales south of the interchange and that is padding 118. >>> we're following some breaking news this morning. the shooting happened last night and in to that mount vernon section, the police saw two men acting suspiciously. and the police returned fire and hitting one suspect who was pronounced dead at a hospital and there is no officers who were injured. >>> cleanup efforts are underway. >> and the storm hit fredericksburg, virginia, the hardest and that is where melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom. as the sun comes up, on quieting -- we're getting a better picture of the d
't be said for two other fire companies. as of today, truck 15 in east baltimore and squad 11 on the city's south side will be shut down permanently. their crews will be reassigned to other firehouses. fire chief jim clack says cutting the companies will prevent rotating firehouse closures going on for the past two years. now all three fire companies were slated to close on july 1st but the city kept them open to respond to the storms that hit our area last week. linda so, abc2 news. >>> 40 people in laurel are wake up in other homes after fires swept through the apartment building. sunday morning, people living on tiger lily path were told to get out of the smoke from the third floor window. look at this video. part of the building collapsed. two firefighters suffered minor injuries including one being overcome by the heat. red cross is helping those displaced families get back on the feet. >>> most helpless feeling for a neighbor a home catches fire and so involved they couldn't do anything to safe person. >> a woman died in her home before anyone could save her. sherrie johnson is here
." >>> welcome back to "early today." a beautiful day here towards new york city. phil request as well. three sharp line with a better chance of thunderstorms down towards d.c., baltimore as well, extending back through a good portion of tennessee, even into the southeast, eastern texas may also see a chance for a few thunderstorms. if you're watching us on news channel 8 on your side in tampa, florida, lakeland, learn about water conservation while creating your own rain thunderstorm at explorations children's matter. >> if only i was 5 again. darn. >>> now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment news. some are calling it this super hero summer at the box office because it started with "the avengers" ended with "batman returns," and this weekend belongs to another comic hero. the new friendly neighborhood spider-man spun himself a $65 million opening weekend. the amazing spidman added a whopping $129 million overseas for a grand worldwide total, get this, todd, $341 million so far. huge, huge. >>> the previous top film "ted" fell to second with an impressive $32 mil
with the theo mueller group will bring three types of yogurt, being sold in grocery stores in 17 cities across the northeast and mid-atlantic, including d.c. and baltimore. executives say the project is designed to diversify the port follow jo. >>> paying you to get off the plane a little faster. in a surveyor on airfairwash, 16% of people said they would be willing to pay to be at the front of the line. most said they would be willing to fork over $10. a few people said they would be willing to go as high as $20. >> the thing is if you're sitting in the back, do they get you up first? because everyone gets up. >> when that bell rings. >> you would be fighting your way -- >> summertime, ice-cold frozen drinks. when it comes to fruity smoothies, through a new one on the block. >> yeah, burger king is advertising real fruit smoothies, soliz crenshaw made it her latest taste test. >> if it's new, smoothies are a $3 billion industry. according to thesh so when duringer king released its menu and ad, it put it up against mcdonald's and of course smoothie king. >> so, david, to maker or deli
of the board of baltimore. in fact, i ran for office 22 times. i was elected 20 times and defeated twice. i worked for the county. i've worked for the city. i have worked for the state. and you will probably remember that i tried to get a job down in washington, but something happened to me at that time. ♪ ♪ >>> all summer on sundays, american history tv presents "the contenders." this 14-week series highlights key political figures who ran for president and lost but who nevertheless changed political history. our program with al smith airs again tonight on american history tv on c-span3. next sunday, we continue our "contenders" series featuring wendell willkie who ran against fdr in 1940. watch "the contenders" each sunday at 8:30 a.m., 7:30 p.m., and 10:30 p.m. through labor day weekend. >>> up next, at the organization of american historians meeting in milwaukee, new york university professor linda gordon discusses birth control in america. she argues that birth control in the u.s. wasn't controversial until women became politically active and seeking the right to vote in the 19th c
as this morning. down at the beaches f you are in ocean city, a real good thunderstorm at the moment. teaches reagan national, much cooler than yesterday. 75 right now. warm and humid but feels a lot better. 77 fredricksburg. 73 in baltimore. afternoon high temperatures for the first time in about 12 days will not touch 95 or better. the highs today only 85 degrees with lots of clouds around. it should feel more comfortable this afternoon. could be a shower later today. more details on the five-day coming up. let's do traffic and see if things are slowing down on the roadway. w if you are traveling on 95 this morning. accident activity in newington tying up the left side of the roadway. be careful here as you travel off the overpass here at 7100 trying to merge to 95. accident activity, stay to the right in order to get by. on the other side of town, lanes are open top stretch of the beltway between general park and bethesda. 270 south of 28 heading through rockville, the lanes are open. the earlier crash in the local lanes has been cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>>
will look at the radar. you can see this circle around of baltimore area. this is sliding to the south. there's still some light-to- moderate rainfall in the city. you can see a mixture of clownus and sun. 82 to 87 the high. northeast winds of about five to 10 miles >>> samantha guthrie at the white house. >> thanks so much, samantha. >> it's just hard to remember but we'll get it right. i promise you that. if you thought the worst was over, we're just getting warmed up. we're going to get to know more about savannah guthrie and her hair styles in the next half hour. meanwhile 7:30 monday morning. i'm matt lauer alongside the aforementioned savannah guthrie. >> shouldn't there be warning before you show that footage. >> you gave it to us. >> by the way, you were on vacation last week. how did that go? were you able to relax at all? >> no, anxiety, stress and excitement. really, just excitement. >> again, more to come. we're going to get to know a little of your past in a couple minutes. >> that's scary. stay tuned for that. >>> coming up, a great story. we've been following the story o
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